VK 540 IV

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The best all-round working partner you could want

People said we couldn't improve on the best – but we have. The very latest VK540IV offers even stronger deep snow, rough track, hauling and cargo carrying performance – in the same economical, ultra-reliable Yamaha package.

From wider skis for improved floatation, steering and handling, to even lighter torsion spring rear suspension, extrovert axle sprockets and higher Camoplast® wide track – all blend to give positive grip and drive on the deepest snow, allowing this machine to match any demand. But performance means more than just power and handling, so everyday comfort, convenience and reliability are its priorities too.

The latest VK540IV – work was never more fun.


  • Yamaha's proven 2-cylinder 535cc 2-stroke engine
  • ProComfort torsion spring with flip-up rail
  • Camoplast® Ripsaw track
  • 7T extrovert axle sprockets for greater track grip
  • New steering column position (85mm higher)
  • Dual-range Hi/Lo and reverse transmission
  • Standard electric start
  • Under-seat storage and spacious cargo carrier
  • Spacious luxury seating for driver and passenger
  • Electric hand and thumb warmers
  • Passenger foot grips for extra comfort
  • Super-size windshield for comfort and Protection
  • Yamaha's proven twin-cylinder 535cc 2-stroke engine

    The powerful and ultra-reliable Yamaha 535cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke engine is the heart of this Yamaha snowmobile. It's a solidly dependable, easy maintenance unit that's great for long distance trips and touring as well as hardcore utility work, where its brute strength and muscle makes light work of towing and hauling.

  • Lighter ProComfort torsion spring rear suspension

    This latest dual shock system is now 6kg lighter - and the damping force of the centre and rear shock absorbers act independently, allowing you to use 'body force' to ride agressively on difficult terrain. Deep snow performance is supreme and the flip-up rail system is a big advantage when powering up and out in reverse.

  • Camoplast® Ripsaw wide track

    This wide version of the lightweight, durable Camoplast® Ripsaw track gives excellent floatation and features 7T extrovert axle sprockets with higher lugs. These mesh precisely with the fully clipped holes in the track, acting like a gear mechanism to deliver new levels of grip and propulsion in all conditions.

  • A tall windshield – and practical footrest and carrier designs

    You'll use your VK540IV as a working partner in all weathers, so it has a tall windshield to protect both the driver and the passenger from the elements. Other features of this latest model are the roomy passenger footrests and the convenient, tubular cargo carrier that is both strong and spacious.

  • Front suspension designed for stable cornering and steering

    The front TSS suspension system is legendary and has well proven performance on trail, but it's when you take the VK540IV off trail and into deep snow that it comes into its own. In combination with the wide skis, the result is an easy to handle, predictable machine you'll really enjoy riding. What could be better?

  • Dual-range Hi/Lo and reverse transmission

    The VK540IV's dual-range transmission makes it very simple to operate this snowmobile in low range – when towing heavy loads at slower speeds – or in high range at most other times. Switching between ranges, or selecting reverse, is smooth and easy using the transmission lever on the console.

  • Comfortable seating and under-seat storage

    The luxurious and roomy seats comfortably accommodate you and your passenger in tandem, making long distance trips a pleasure rather than an endurance test. What's more, the seat flips up to reveal a large and practical storage area beneath it.

  • Wide 'Blow Mold' skis with optimised keels

    The VK40IV features a very innovative dual keel design for its skis. These are wide – 228 mm – with optimised keel shapes and hollow sections to reduce weight. The result is exactly the right amount of floatation and excellent running performance on deep snow or trail, with light and predictable handling – for more relaxed riding.

Tehnički podaci

Type / Displacement   2 Stroke / 535cc
Cylinders   2-Cylinder
Cooling   Axial fan
Bore x stroke   73.0 mm x 64.0 mm
Carburation   38 mm Mikuni x1
Ignition system   C.D.I
Intake design   Piston Reed Valves
Exhaust   Piston
Clutch / transmission   YXRC, Variable Ratio, High / Low / Reverse Transmission
Disc brake system   Mechanical Disc
Front suspension system   Telescopic strut
Front shocks   Hydraulic
Front travel   150 mm
Rear suspension system   ProComfort torsion spring w/Flip Up Rails
Rear shocks   Hydraulic, Gas Cell rear & center
Rear Travel   278 mm
Measures / Dimensions    
Overall height   1,360 mm
Overall length   3,070 mm
Overall width   1,140 mm
Track W x L x H   500 mm x 3,922 mm x 35 mm
Track Type   Camoplast® Ripsaw™
Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)   960 mm
Fuel tank capacity   31.0 litres
Electric start   Standard
Reverse   Standard
Hand & thumb warmers   Standard
Headlight watts, type   60/55W Halogen x 1
DC output   N/A


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